Kill the lights.

Hey heys! So I got these new boots and I had had haddd to share them. They are from Naith Smit and are freaking amazing. He outdid himself on these. I want some in RL! 😀 This shirt is another one of my favorites from a store named Shampoo. Alot of her stuff is super realistic and super colorful and alot of fun. Go check it out! The piercings come from a store named skinPoP owned by Amanda Li. She comes up with the most awesome designs in this area and has so so so much to choose from in her store. Annnnd this hair. Its from Fri.Day and has been out for a while now BUT I think its one you all need. I have not found many hairs inworld that are made well with a hat that is part of the hair. Many times the hat or cap prim is sized wrong and makes the hair look awkward. Or theres that hats that are a different attachment, they just look silly to me. Fri.Day pulled off this look perfectly. The hair falls just right over the shoulder. The hat also has color change options which allow you to tint it so it matches whatever you choose to wear. Thats all.. more later 🙂

Skin: Curio – Acorn: Cupid – Lovelorn
Hair: Fri.Day – Yelena (Jaded Blonde)
Shirt: Shampoo – Check Shirt Wanpi Blue
Pants: Miseria – Bitter Jeans (Charred)
Boots: Naith Smit – Rock N’ Rolla Uggs
Glasses: Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glasses
Ears: Panda Express – Sad Tribal ears
Piercing: skinPoP – Radical Piercing


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