You’ll all die.

I have been in sort of an odd funk lately. I was digging around in my inventory wanting something different and this fell together. I love the designers in SL who are not trendsetters like many stores. I love when they strive for something different and unique. I love the alternative scenes in SL ❤

I so forgot how much I love Aura’s skins at Tackystar. So so pretty. I am not one to typically wear flowy dresses and stuff in SL but I do love this dress from Fall Into Decay. The texturing on it is amazing. And the old, worn out look is freaking yum! Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel is known for her completely cute and adorable creations in SL. I loooove her Chibi wings. They have so many different options for colors. And the hairr. House of Munster has so so many cool and edgy styles. They make me want to scoop them up and run away squishing them to death. Anyways enjoy 🙂

You'll all die.

Skin: Tackystar – Translucent Angel (with eyebrows)
Hair: House of Munster – Vira (pinks)
Dress: Fall Into Decay – A-02 Dress (black)
Tights: Blow Up – Fishnet Tights (black + ripped)
Boots: The Abyss – Stompers
Tattoo: Sn@tch – Apnea Tattoo
Collar: [P E R A] – Black Studded Choker
Wings: Pink Fuel – Chibi Wings (Sparkle)
Eyepatch: Pink Fuel – Lacey Black Hear Eyepatch
Cuffs: Sinistyle – Misery Love Company Cuffs
Piercing: SkinPoP – Radical Piercing
Poses: Don’t Freak Out


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