Lionheart Skin Review!

Hey doods! So.. late last night I was dropped the new Lionheart skins from the Plastik. I have always beyond loved Aikea’s skins, but these are truely something special. I have been waiting for this release for a long time, ever since I saw her posting teasers on Flickr. There are five skintones in this line including Fable, Legend, Myth, Saga, Story and Tale. The Story tone is by far my favorite. Its one of the mid-tones in the line and so so pretty. The bodies on this skins are to die for. Each makeup option comes with a bunch of different skin options within itself. There is a high-def and regular skin option. As well as four different options within those two seconds that slightly change the look of the face. I love the high-def skins, in the pout option. The face is so cute, and the body is somewhat glowey. Her freckle option is super cute too. Aikea has done a billion different makeup choices for these new skins, each of which are super pretty. I like the cirrus one most myself. Along with the skins she has released ears with them, each matching the new tones and are included when you choose a makeup. With the high-def and regular skin options. There are also new eyes which are super pretty too, and come with each skin as well. If you have never tried on any of the skins from the Plastik, or if you are an avid fan already, either way you need to get over there and check these out. My pictures truely do not do these gorgeous skins justice. Check out my Flickr for bigger views then get to the store. Now go!

All skins are from the Plastik’s new skinline, Lionheart.
Hair is Scarlett in Cynical Black from Fri.Day.
Lingerie is by Plaid Blue Lingerie by Deetalez.
Poses are by Dismorph, Glitterati, Long Awkward Pose and Dollipops.


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