Lionheart Elven Skin Review

Aikea Rieko recently released an addition to her Lionheart skin line. She put out new Elven skins based off of the same features of the Lionheart skins. These skins are available in 30 different skintones and each tones comes in six new makeups. These skins are super pretty and the makeups available for each tone are gorgeous. She has an eyeshadow version for each tone that is different with the eyeshadow slighted to complement the specific skintone itself. My favorite skintone is the Angst tone and my favorite makeup from all the tones by far is the Evel makeup. Each skintone comes with a set of ears pre-tinted to that tone, as well as eyes that complement each specific tone. The bodies on these skins are very well done and refined. I am beyond in love with the faces. I definitely recommend checking these gorgeous skins out!

Lingerie is the Valerian set from the Plastik.
Hair is Mavi (crow) from Truth.
All poses from Dismorph.



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