Looking Glass

I have spent most of today listening to music and playing around in my inventory. Tosser has had me pretty hooked on The Birthday Massacre lately, so thus the title of this post comes from an awesome song of theirs. While hopping around today, a friend reminded me of some pretty kickass hooves that come from [NV]. Isiss Bade is a really talented designer, and I strongly suggest to go check out her store and her really neat sim if you have never been there. I decided to dig mine out and pair it up with a cute dress I haven’t worn in a while. Added in some fishnets and other accessories and tada. 🙂

I have been making some changes to the blog over the past few days. It somewhat felt like it was time to switch things around a bit. I am also curious as to what you guys would like to see here. Types of fashion featured, or changes to the blog itself in general. Feedback of any sort would be greatly appreciated!  Also, designers and other bloggers out there, I will gladly add you to the blogrolls on here. Just lemme know!

xx Jaiden

Skin: Plastik – Lionheart – Elven – Desert: Freck
Hair: RedQueen – Threats (pitchONYX)
Dress: Crazy – Calla Outfit
Fishnets: Blow Pop – Fishnet Tights – Black (Rip)
Hooves: [NV] – Hunter Hoofs Boots
Cuffs: Cobrahive – Novi Cuffs (Pyrastuds)
Necklaces: Little Pricks – The Keyholder
Haus of Darcy – The Path to Forgiveness (Female)
Piercings: JZ Designs – Cuppycake Piercing
Goggles: Seraphim Systems – Villan Goggles 1.0
Ears: Visavi – Epigon Ears (Studded)
Tail: Sweet Leonard – Fa(u)ntasy Tails Crossbirdie
Poses by Dismorph



  1. I love your blog – you all have an awesome style. Do you have a lm for the crazy store? Looks like the kinda place I would like. \m/

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