Angels & Demons

I have been slacking off a bit lately. Its been a long, busy week for me. But I promise to get a bunch of new stuff up here soon.

Aikea Rieko has been on a spree lately with the dresses she has released. They have all been gorgeous (as usual) but this newest released is definitely my favorite of her clothing in a long time. Saying that the Ambrice dresses are sexy is an epic understatement. The dresses come in a wide variety of patterns and colors and spot different wear options that are really neat. The dress featured here is my favorite print, the Vivid. It comes with the “crushcrush/vidid” set. Its super bright and colorful in a fun polkadotty print. Its definately a must have :]

There is also a somewhat new skin store that has popped up on the grid recently by the name of Novita. Novita is owned by Holy Meili. She only has one skin set out at the moment, her Aurora skins. But they are gorgeous. I am in love with the face on them. She pulled off sexy and cute all in one. I haven’t taken them off for a while now ❤

Annnnd lastly. A new eye store. Repulse owned by Max Lexigle sports some dark, creepy, horrorlike based eyes that are soooooo pretty. The Rigor Mortis ones are by far my favorite. Repulse is currently located on the Amberville sim, in the new Club Industry mall. If you are a fan of the darker sides of SL, you will love Max’s eyes!

Skin: Novita – A urora 01/03
Hair: Fri.Day – Brande I (Cynical Black)
Eyes: Repulse – Rigor Mortis (Dilated)
Dress: Plastik – Ambrice – Full Vivid
Shoes: The Abyss – Combat Boots
Cuffs: Cobrahive – Novi Cuffs (Pyra Studs)
Necklace: Haus of Darcy – The Path to Foregiveness
Little Pricks – The Keyholder
Ears: V i s a v i – Epigon Ears (Pierced)
Horns: Illusions – Bite Horns
Piercing: JZ Designs – Cuppycake
Tattoo: Sn@tch – Apnea Tattoo
Poses by Dismorph* & Glitterati
*No longer available


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