Industry District..

I am sure that most of you have heard of Club Industry at some point in your time in SL, and if you have not I am super disappointed. Club Industry has been one of the top clubs in the industrial/goth scenes since 2006. It is home to many of SL’s top industrial/electronic DJ’s and is always a fun place to hang out. It has always been a club with a mall, like most clubs out there.. until now.

The Amberville sim has morphed into what is now known as the Industry District. It is home to many stores housing various genres of the fashion world in SL, holding many well known designers from across the grid. Industry District is not yet officially open, but the stores are there, and fully set up and are open for you to wander around and browse through. The doors to Industry District are hoping to be officially opened sometime this month. There will be an epic opening event mainly consisting of a hunt, but one that comes in two parts. It will be a hunt encircling a storyline that will guide you through the various hiding spots of the vendors.

BUT I kind of like how Keira Maertens decided to explain the history of Club Industry.. so I have to share..
“Once upon a time there was Club, called Club Industry… and next to it there was a Mall.
This was in 2006.
The Club lived and prospered. šŸ˜€
In 2009 VincentVile DeSantis arrived (well, he arrived a little earlier)… so he arrived and rebuilt the Club…and the Mall.
The Club kept living and prospering. šŸ˜€
In 2010 he decided that outside the Club and the Mall, it was a little too empty, so he started to build…and build… and build…
…and build…and build till all he was doing in his life was building @_@!
This is how Industry District came to life o.o”

Industry District is definitely something I am excited about. It has brought together an amazing group of designers that have alot of gorgeous and unique things to offer to you. And the setup of the sim is amazing. They did a really, really great job. Heres a sneak peak of what you may find..

Be sure to hit up one of the subscribers available on the sim. Designers may give out exclusive gifts and you will be the first to know about new items they have put out.

Your ride to Industry District.

Skin: Novita – A urora 03/06
Hair: RedQueen – Threats (Pitch)
Eyes: Eye Factory – Tech Eyes*
Shirt+Kilt: [NV] Mandy Outfit*
Boots: Bubble – Nomad Boots (Black)*
Tattoo: Acid & Mala – Paisley Tattoo (Skull)*
Bracers: Nekovampi – Assassin Bracelets*
Ears: Visavi – Epigon Ears (Pierced)
Collar: My Pinky Skull – Rings Collar*
Leggings: My Pinky Skull – Stockings & Knee Socks*
Poses by Dismorph**
*available at Industry District
** no longer available


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