Pure Awesomeness.

I have been a huge fan of Tacky Star, owned by Aura Falta since way back when she had a small store on the Starlust sims. Back then she was just making eyes. But over the past year or so her store has epically evolved. Shes since produced dozens of gorgeous eyes, some alternative styled skins and really neat tattoos. Recently she has taken her stuff to a new level with what Viewer 2.0 offers. She has produced 2.0 layered makeups, her “Masks” which are a variety of really pretty facepaint styled makeup additions. They come in several options, for both eyes and then one for the left and right eye as well. Also, she has put out a bunch of eyes with prims. Each are super detailed and gorgeous themselves. If you have never been, and are a fan of the darker, alternative stylings in SL, Tacky Star is a place you definitely need to check out 🙂

For larger sizes.

Skin: Plastik – Lionheart (Myth, Bare)
Hair: Magika – Aurora (Black A)
Eyes/Makeups: Tacky Star


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