Angel With The Scabbed Wings

I have been on an epic Marilyn Manson spree latley, hence the title. I also apologize for not getting as many blog posts out as I should, or want to. I have epically lacked inspiration today.. I promise to try to get some more stuff up. Naida Stipe, owner of Roots dropped me one of her new outfits and I immediately fell in love with it and this look came to be. Naida is queen of the sexy styles on SL. All of her creations are super sultry, and made to tease the eye and mind.  I love her stuff. Anyways… I paired it up with my favorite boots from AVZ, and one of the new hairs available from Ploom at the Summer of Love fair. Enjoy ❤

xx Jaiden


Skin: Plastik – Zombie (Femme, Stage 2)
Hair: Ploom – Christy (Ink)
Clothing: Roots- 0001020
Collar: Maus Collar by Fade Dana
Boots: AVZ – Wrapped Boots (Black)
Sleeves: Sinistyle – Lilith Sleeves
Horns: Visavi – Shadow Faun (Leatherbound)
Blood: Bloody Hell – Wound (Neck Artery)
Piercings: Luck Inc. – Metal Face (V1)
Eyes: Plastik – From Lionheart eleven skins
Poses by Lovesick + Dismorph*
* Dismorph is no longer available


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