Recently Acide Innova contacted me asking if I would be interesting in blogging some of her stuff. Her store, Acide is one that I had never heard of until she messaged me. And I am glad she did! She makes a bunch of different piercings and accessories that in my opinion are extremely well done. All her of her items are sold with multiple attachment spots, which makes it easy to mix and match with hers, and other items you may own. I have always hated when I buy things and have to reattach elsewhere and reposition myself. Its not hard, I am just somewhat lazy lol. Her piercing “obsession” is pretty intricate, with different facial piercings. I think its my new favorite. She breaks her facial peircings up into parts, which I personally love because I am one to use different sets together. You gotta go check her store out 🙂

Skin: League – Mima (Makeup 02)
Hair: The Good Life – Yuuta 2 (Black 3)
Top: Plastik – Valerian (Black, Bra)
Skirt: Panda Spike – Alice (Hazard, Black)
Boots: Cup of Crown – Boots Wif Bite (Demon)
Tattoo – Aitui – Cherry Blossoms (Full Body)
Necklace: Acide – Chained
Bracelet: Acide – Nightmare of Metal
Pearls: Acide – Dark Perly Kiss
Piercing: Acide – Obsession (Black)


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