Resistant Ain’t Futile

Aikea Rieko recently released yet another special edition makeup to her Lionheart skin line, the Roadtrip faces. There are two makeups, “Sun In My Face” and “Public Restrooms and Runny Mascara.” The skins are available in all 6 of the classic Lionheart skin tones, and come in a bare or freckled option. I really like the Public Restrooms and Runny Mascara makeup. Its really really cute. I think her freckled options are the best 😀
xx Jai

Sun in my face is on the left.
Public Restrooms and Runny Mascara on the right.

Skin: Plastik – Public Restrooms and Runny Makeup (Story)
Hair: Barber Yumyum – 18 (Black)
Top: Luck Inc. – Tubetop Shadowlayer (Vintage)
Skirt: Luck Inc – Ruffled Miniskirt (Black)
Collar: Cobrahive – Kusari Collar
Horns: Illusions – Bite Horns
Ears: Plastik – Common Elven Ear (Story)
Piercing: Acide – Obsession (Bottom)
Tail: Sweet Leonard – Fa(u)ntasy Tail (Black, Cross)
Legs: Tokushi – Digi Leggings N Spats (Plain Black)
Hoof: Deviant – Faun (Obsidian, Female)
Arms: Tokushi – Le’Strap Gloves (Dark)
Tattoo: Plastik – Burdies and Feathers (Faded)
Poses by Porcupine Love and Dismorph*
*Dismorph is no longer available.



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