Electric Feel

Its been a busy week… I shall have a bunch of new stuff up for you guys in the next few days. But for now..

Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly (Creme, Bloodthirsty)
Hair: RedQueen – Threats (Sterling)
Jacket: Grasp – Open Zip Hoodie (Black)
Pants: Khush – Jeans Ripped & Netted (Black)
Shoes: AVZ – Wrapped Boots (Black)
Necklace: Haus of Darcy – The Crosary (V3)
Belt: Blitzed – Legacy Belt
Hand Wraps: Sinistyle – Taped Fists (Full Palm)
Hand Stuff: Naith Smit – Rock N Rolla Strapped (Right)
Haus of Darcy – The Fallen Bracelet (Left)
Piercings: Visiavi – 747 Piercing
Ears: Trap – Beastie Ears (Drow)
Nipple Tape: Luck Inc – Nipple Bandaids (Black)
Poses by Dismorph*
*No longer available



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