Dead Enough For Life

I was in a somewhat gore-blood lurving mood and this kind of fell together. I freaking love the month of October ❤

Most of this is stuff that I have had for a while. This collar from Panda Express (Kioko Kumaki) was a new addition to my massive sea of an inventory today.. and I do have to say it is probably one of my new favorites. Kioko always puts alot of detail into her work which is something that I personally adore. There are so many stores out there that items just look thrown together. Hers are always prim perfection in my eyes. The collar has little chains that hang from the back of it, and skulls that are nailed in place to one side. The textures on it are gorgeous as well.

Skin: Plastik – Zombie Skin (Femme, Stage Two)
Hair: Lamb – Heart (Ink)
Eyes: Repulse – Post Mortem Eyes (Dark)
Top: Luck Inc – Tied Top (Black)
Pants: Panda Express – Scorn Pants Ripped (Black, Blood)
Boots: K-Boots by Ju Weissnicht
Collar: Panda Express – Whore for Horror Neckbrace
Armwarmers: Maitreya – Armwarmers – Black
Piercings: Visavi – 747 Piercing
Tattoos: AQ – Agony (face)
La Malvada Mujer – Autopsia (body)
Poses by Glitterati


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