New HOD!

I absofuckinlutely l-o-v-e when Aydan releases new piercings. To me her piercings have always been an insta-oragasm for the eyes. Her textures, and shadowing and everything about them is stuff to love. A few days ago she released a few new sets. The “Nara” piercing was by far my favorite. It was a piercing brought to life from a drawing by Nara Tairov and Aydan pulled it off epically. This definately is one not coming off my face for a long, long time.

Taxi to HOD.

Left to Right:
1. Reach
2. Spiked Dimples
3. Nara Parts 1 + 2

Other credits:
Skin: Pink Fuel – Ember (Honey, Royal)
Hair: Elikatira – Vanity (Black 04)
Eyes: Dinosaur – Al Bhed (Blue)


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