Living in a Plastik World

This past week Aikea Rieko, owner of the Plastik released her newest skin collection called Ataciara. It comes in a wide range of skin tones. There are six “natural” tones available, as well as an elven set containing thirty-one additional tones. With the six natural skin tones there is dozens of different makeup choices available. Each makeup comes with different tattoo layers for the face, as well as freckle options. Shes included new ears, and eyes with each set as well. The body on Ataciara is to die for. In my opinion it is the best body she has come out with yet. Every little detail she has paid attention to is completely droolworthy. Its definately a skin worth checking out, and picking up 😀

From left to right: Killer, Phoenix, Shadow Cateye and Vegas.

All skins shown are in the Chorus skintone.
All hair is Lamb – Whoop De Doo in ink.
All lingerie is Luck Inc – Cutieh Undies in coal.
Poses are from Glitterati and Dismorph.*
*Dismorph is not longer available.


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