How to Make a Monster

Anyone who knows me, knows that ever since my first days in SL I have been an epic combat rp addict. This would be the reason for massive slacking on my end lately. I get a bit caught up in it and forget about other thins I need to do. D: Anyways.. I’ve been working on cleaning out my inventory and found some older things I haven’t worn in forever… so here ya go 🙂

Skin: Plastik – Ataciara (Hymm, Insomniac)
Hair: Detour – Kaeli (Black)
Vest: – Halter Vest (Black)
Pants: Suicidal Unborn – Lionight Jeans (Sea)**
Boots: Kboots by Ju Weissnicht
Necklace: Mustache – Stache Charm Necklace*
Belt: Mandala – Mikoto Belt (Black)
Cuffs: Ha! – Spoked Leather Cuff
Katana: Kat-ar + Sutomu – Elemental Katana (Water)
* Old hunt item.
** Not available.



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