Fuck Fashion

I was bored a few days ago running around looking at various stores I enjoying shopping at and came across a few things at Panda Express that I had not noticed before. I am unsure if they are new or old items but I was in love and scored them fast. These socks are beyond and come in a bunch of colors and patterns. The “jacket” I have on is another item from Panda Express and is also available in a bunch of colors and pattern options. Each pack you buy comes with multiple options for the jacket, such as ripped sleeves. If you have never been to Panda Express I would definitely go check it out!

To Panda Express!

Skin: Al Vulo – Jolie*
Hair: Lamb – Heart (Ink)
Jacket: Panda Express – Cyber Shrug (Onyx)
Shirt: League – Gartered Bikini (Black)
Skirt: Luck Inc – Ruffled Miniskirt (Black)
Boots: The Abyss – Stompers (Black)
Socks: Panda Express – Slouch Socks (Netted Mer)
Goggles: Seraphim Systems – Villain Goggles
Poses by Nox
* The Diamonds is Mine hunt gift.




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