Black Heart Inertia

Ohai guize. I hijacked my husbands account today and had fun playing in his inventory. He looks might yummy, if I do say so myself ;] Its pretty strange going through an inventory that you don’t know. I had no clue what anything was. It was an epic try and fail game. But I won! It actually reminded me that I wanted to blog Jaiden’s alterego. I was super bored a while back and created a male form for her. Maybe I will share him soon. Enjoy :]

Skin: Kento – Cherish (Pure, T4)
Hair: Raw House – Sorrow (Jet)
Shirt: Amerie – Knit Sweater (Black 04)
Pants: Tokidoki – Rolling Pants (Black)
Shoes: Surf Co – Boardwalkers (Black)
Tape: Sinistyle – Taped Fish & Black Nails (Full Palm)
Piercings: Cobrahive – Gauged 03
Cigarette: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette
Ears: Aitui – Streted Ears (Type 2, Sorrow)


Stupid YouTube. Lemme post videos. :[

Tunes here!



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