I Put A Spell On You

This outfit fell together last night when I scored this adorable dress from Panda Express. I immediately went and scored the cute tail and hair too. I then went home and dug in my inventory for other goodies and proceeded to take pictures… then fell asleep. Thats one thing I hate about owning a laptop. You can sit in the most comfortable places, but these places are also places that tend to knock you out, like your bed. I cannot tell you the number of times I have woken in the middle of the night to a bright blaring screen showing me that I have idled so long SL has logged me out. Anyways, its been a long lazy day spent with mah love, but I finally bring you new goodies and ofcourse sexy tunes by the amazing Manson! ❤

Skin: Dernier Cri – Kassidy (Chestnut)*
Hair: Elikatira – Theory (Black 04, tinted darker)
Dress: Panda Express – Revenant Top (Urban + Dress Addon)
Hooves: Pera – Jean Hoof Leggings (Black)
Glases: Gritty Kitty – Prehistoric Glases
Horns: Schadenfreude – Kinder Horns
Whiskers: Anara’s – Whiskers
Collar: Yabusaka – Alphabet Changer Belt Choker
Cuffs: Ha! – Spiked Leather Cuff
Piercings: Visavi – 747 Piercing
Tattoo: Slut – Leo Tattoo
Tail: Pera – Striped Tail (Coco, Modded hair black)
Poses by Dismorph + Grixdale + Don’t Freak Out
*Relay For Life exclusive


Tunes are here because YouTube sucks.



  1. hi there how do you make your hooves look thicker??? i baught them but they look nothing like yours plz help!!!!

    kairi zamani

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