Little Lion Man

I was recently introduced to a new event known as “The Fashion Garret.” At TFG designers come together and put out exclusive items for sale at epically discounted prices. I’ve snagged a bunch of great stuff from this event, and thought I would share some of what I picked up earlier today with you guys 🙂

Skin: Filthy – Clara (TFG Special)*
Hair: Elikatira – Away (Black 04)
Jacket: La Blaq – Alexander Oasis Jacket (TFG)
Skirt: Pepper – Andavi Skirt (TFG Brown)
Shoes: Absolution – Maizi Flats (TFG Nautical)
Earrings: Boom – Price (Lite, Red+Teal+Brown)
Piercings: Pepper – Plug and Swirls
Necklace: Miel – Echo Necklace
Tattoo: Para Designs – Fantasy
Bracelets: NHA – Milan Bangles
Pose by Glitterati
*TFG is “The Fashion Garret”

Kickass tunery here!


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