World Behind My Wall

Mekaila Hinterland, owner of Roobix has been cooking up some super cute new neko stuff! These paws, named “Nala” are one of her upcoming releases. Once I put them on, it was love at first sight for me *_* I have always loved digi-legs, and paws of sorts in SL, but none come close in comparison to the cuteness these possess. I love the knit sock-like tops on them, with cute little hanging bows. Theres also little buttons at the base. They house a bunch of color options too. Keep your eyes open, these will be out soon!

Skin: Lyric – Chibi*
Hair: Catwa – Afnan (Dark Night)
Shirt: Niniko – Big Shirts (Black Stripe)
Undies: Sassy Kitty – Slide ’em Off (Hot Pink)
Paws: Roobix – Nala Legs (Black, Plain)**
Ears: Hocico – Neko Ear (Steel Crux)
Tail: How Vexing – Neko Tail
Piercing: Cobrahive – Nose Swirl
Poses by Glitterati + Don’t Freak Out
* Unreleased
** Coming soon!

Tunes here!


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