Trashed And Scattered

I am not usually one to complain or rant, but I am beyond fed up! This picture doesn’t even begin to do just for how annoyed and pissed off people have managed to make me over the past week. Its been one of those classic weeks where it feels like all of humanity is out to bring you down, and then some. I can’t even find the words to state how pissed off I am at asshats and dramawhores who have been out trying to cause trouble for me and those I care about. I am done playing nice. I am done being civil. If you’ve got something to say, fucking say it to my face. But be warned, nothing you can say or do will bring me down 😀

It amazes me how many twisted, shady ass people exist in Second Life. I mean, you go into the game knowing you will find trolls and other crazy shit, but goddamn. With this new Meeroo craze thats been out I have met some of the most fucked up, out there, lame ass people of all my time in SL. I won’t mention names, but today I attended a meeroo based auction at one of the zillions of meeroo themed sales sims on the grid now. I proceeded to bid on a meeroo I wanted, almost won it and then a girl started bidding. I was curious and opened profiles. Turns out the girl bidding, was the partner to the person selling the meeroo. And the couple owned the sim the auction was being held on. Talk about some rigged shit huh? I’ve heard of people teleporting their alts to bid on their own meeroos to up the sales price, but damn. A couple selling their meeroo’s at their own auction, at a sim they own and bidding on it on their own damn accounts? You people are fucking lame.

♥ Jai

Skin: Novita – Candie
Hair: Maitreya – Apple II (Bistre)
Dress: Suicidal Unborn – Military Dream Dress (Bloody)
Tights: Sheer – Torn Nylon Leggings
Boots: Abyss – Combat Boots
Arm Cuffs: Sinistyle – Osiris Armbands
Helmet: Hat Mechanic  – Maus Helmet
Blood: Repulse – Bloodbath
Axe: Carnage – Dismemberer Axe
Pose by Doll Galthie



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