You Make Me Feel

So I’ve failed as a blogger for the past week or so. Real has been massively insane for me and I feel like with the holidays between work and everything else I have had zero time to myself. But I promise to make it up to you guys 😀

Recently a new dress was released at Bad Romance called “The Awesome Lace Dress” and it is awesome :D. Its a bit longer then previous dresses released there, but its super sexy! I love the lace at the top, it ads the perfect amount of sexiness to it without being massively overdone. It comes in a handful of colors and is definitely worth checking out!

These wings are also a new item set out as a gift in the Depraved Hunt from Epic. They come in a wide range of colors and are something everyone should go get because they are adorable!

Skin: CStar – Huyana Skin (Natural) NEW!
Hair: Burley – Babs + Bottom from Ana(Black 03)
Dress: Bad Romance – Awesome Lace Dress (Black) NEW! Thank you :]
Socks: League – Side Gartered Stockings (Black)
Boots: ASI – Shadowhound Boots
Sleeves: Sinistyle – Lilith Sleeves
Goggles: Seraphim Systems – Villain Goggles
Piercings: Cobrahive – Nose Swirl
AnnaA – Shame
Necklace: Tihq – Lucky Necklace
Wings: Epic – Chained Mini Demon Sparkle Wings Depraved Hunt Gift! Thank you :]
Poses by Lyric + Glitterati


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