Offend In Every Way

cStar just put out a bunch of new eyeliners which are amazing. My favorite is the “Spectrum Lines” liner. Its rainbow and love. :]

To cStar!

Skin: The Sugar Garden – Chloe (Lolita)
Hair: Lamb – Oleander (Butter Cake)
Makeup: cStar- Spectrum Lines Eyeliner NEW! Thank you :]
Dress: Bad Romance – Look My Ass (Baby Pink) Thank you :]
Rosary: Sinistyle – Hail Mary Rosary
Tights: Erratic – Fishnet Wide
Boots: Epic – Rainbow Radial Radar Digi Legs (Silver) Thank you :]
Tattoo: Wild Side by Amberlee Martian
Horns: Roobix – Zom Zom Horns
Whiskers: Anara’s – Neko Whiskers
Nails: Mstyle – Long Nails (Holy Pink)

Makeups (Left To Right) cStar – Underline Me, Spectrum Lines, H.B.I.C and Evil Queen
These are only a few of the new amazingness at cStar. Get your butts there!



  1. Sorry to bother with the little details but I couldn’t help but notice how stupidly cute your teeth were! Wondering where they were from? Thanks so much πŸ˜€

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