Hey, Soul Sister

Bunch of new! Suicidal Kiss just released these super cute new mesh tube tops! They fit soo perfectly! I have had alot of trouble with mesh tops with my avatars shape, and they were perfect first time on. I loved not having to edit my own shape just to wear a shirt. They are available in a bunch of different patterns that are perfect for summer.

Filthy has been one of my favorite skin stores in SL for a while now and just released this cute new face, Mia. She is available in several different tones, each having 10 makeup options. The lips on this new face are to die for and super pouty! Ivory is my favorite, I fell in love with this makeup.

The Plastik recently put out a new eye collection. I have lovedddd her eyes for years now, and these are by far her best. They come in prim or mesh options, in soooo many different color varieties. Definately a must have for eye lovers!

Skin: Filthy – Mia (Ivory 04) NEW! Thank you :]
Hair: Burley – Gaeun (Brown 04)
Shirt: Suicidal Kiss – Jealousy Top (Pink Stripes) NEW! Thank you :]
Pants: The Whore – S&M Pants (Black)
Shoes: Pixel Mode – Baby T’s (Black)
Nails: Mstyle – Long Nails (Night in Moscow)
Bracelets: Blitzed – Legacy Cuffs (Left)
Hermony – Wristlocker (Right)
Earrings: Bellballs – Studded Hexagon Hopps
Tattoo: Litle Pricks – The Kracken
Eyes: Plastik – Vaele Collection (Nauseous) NEW!


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