New @ Aitui

Aitui recently released a new pair of mesh pants that are amazing! So I turned into a man to blog them :> The “Leather It Is” pants come in three different colors and are available in the standard mesh sizing in each color. They are pretty spiffy if I do say so myself annnd they are also wearable by female avatars! Definitely something you will want to grab, I mean come on, who doesn’t love leather pants? 😛

To Aitui!

Skin: Nivaro – Crow
Hair: Atro Patena – Joseph
Shirt: Ronsem – Military Shirt
Pants: Aitui – Leather It Is   NEW!
Shoes: 2Real – Cuttlerz
Ears: Mandala – Stretched Ears
Facial Hair: Fruk – The Stinger
Facial Scars: Little Pricks – Facial Scars
Goatee: Atro Patena – Beard


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