Welcome Reality

I have spent the majority of the past few weeks living neck-deep in an amazing new roleplay sim called Savuka. If you are into fantasy based roleplay I stronglyyyy suggest you check it out! It sports the dcs system and is packed full of talented para-rpers. Its got a whole slew of races to pick from for your charcter from elves, to vampires and even mermaids. The sim was build by my SL Dad, so I am a bit biased, BUT it is gorgeous! Definitely something to hit up :]

I have been playing an elf with the rest of my family and figured I will share some of the stuff I have been wearing.


Skin: Essences – Thursday
Hair: (r)M – colourDemo
Corset: League – Nyx Corset
Pants: One Bad Pixel – Skinny Leathers
Boots: Lightstar – Corsair Boots
Armor: The Forge – Drezloire Armour
Ears: Gauge – High Elf
Chain: XtraX – Facechain
Necklace: Kosh – Epiphany Necklace
Bracelet: Kosh – Sanctuary Bracelet
Nails: Glitz – Clawrings
Kneebrace: Dirtyland – Knee Guards
Staff: DCS – Dark Staff


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